Adult Care Level 3


This Adult Care Level 3 qualification is designed to support learners in developing the comprehensive knowledge and skills necessary for working in various clinical healthcare support settings and adult care environments. It encompasses a broad spectrum of topics, including dementia awareness, mental health and well-being, as well as supporting individuals with their physical and emotional care, daily living needs, and healthcare procedures.


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Course Details

Skill Level

Level 3


Diploma in Adult Care

Course Duration

18 Months

As a Lead Adult Care Worker, you will have a significant impact on individuals facing various challenges, including physical, practical, social, emotional, or intellectual difficulties. By exercising judgment and taking appropriate actions, you support individuals in maintaining their independence, dignity, and control.

Additionally, you enhance the health and well-being of those receiving care by providing leadership, guidance, and direction at the frontline of care delivery. Often, you will have delegated responsibility for care standards, ensuring they are consistently met. Moreover, you may supervise other care workers, making sure they adhere to the expected standards and behaviours.

In summary

As a Lead Adult Care Worker, you improve lives through compassionate care and effective leadership, ultimately promoting the overall health and well-being of those you support.


A lead adult care worker supports social activities, monitors health, assists with personal care, and adheres to professional standards. They create and review care plans, ensure regulatory compliance, and uphold values such as dignity, respect, and inclusion.

Effective communication is crucial. This involves identifying barriers, maintaining confidentiality, and understanding the roles of advocates. Additionally, they ensure individuals’ safety by recognizing abuse, following safeguarding strategies, handling complaints, and implementing safe practices.

Promoting health and well-being, managing safety, preventing infection, and encouraging healthy lifestyles are essential duties. Professionalism entails forming relationships, continuous development, supporting colleagues, and contributing to team efforts and recruitment.

Adult care workers lead by example, emphasising dignity, equality, communication, and safety while fostering professional growth. Their efforts ensure the highest standards of care and support for individuals.

The Adult Care Level 3 course is designed for learners or apprentices who are either working or aspiring to work in various settings within the NHS and private care facilities. To enrol, learners must be at least 16 years old. Additionally, learners must be in work, training, or on a practical placement to demonstrate competence in the skills and knowledge gained from the course.

Moreover, apprentices without a Level 2 qualification in English and maths must achieve this level before taking the End-point assessment.

This requirement ensures they possess the necessary foundational skills for success in the course and their future careers.  

All units will be assessed internally by your Tutor or Assessor through a portfolio of evidence. This portfolio will cover three main areas: Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviour. These core components define what an apprentice needs to learn and demonstrate to complete their training and become competent in their role.

The Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviour (KSB) framework ensures apprentices gain a comprehensive foundation of knowledge, develop essential skills, and adopt professional behaviours. Consequently, this holistic approach equips them to meet the demands of their specific roles and contribute effectively to their industries.

With this method, apprentices are not only trained in theoretical aspects but also in practical skills and professional conduct, providing a well-rounded education essential for their careers.

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Future Prospects And Career Opportunities 

After completing your apprenticeship and achieving the Adult Care Level 3 Diploma you have a variety of options for your next steps. 

– Progression onto Level 4 apprenticeships

– Progression into specialised healthcare courses

– Oppurtunity to work for Concept Care Solutions

– You can achieve roles such as: Care Officer, Care Supervisor, Senior Care Worker, Supervising Care Worker, Senior Support Worker, Relief Team Leader and More


Funding For Advanced Learner Loan

This course is fully funded by the Advanced Learner Loan programme. Meaning it is 100% free

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