Early Years Practitioner Level 2 Course


This  Early Years Practitioner Level 2 Course qualification will support learners in developing the knowledge and skills required to work in a range of clinical healthcare support settings and childcare environments.

An employee in this occupation interacts with parents, children, colleagues and wider multi-agency professionals and partners such as health visitors, social workers and speech and language therapists. Individuals will undergo all checks as per the EYFS requirements to ensure suitability to work with children. Due to the nature and level of responsibility, it is not anticipated that the role would have any budgetary or leadership responsibilities.

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Course Details

Skill Level

Level 2


Early Years Practitioner

Course Duration

12 Months

This occupation spans settings like day care, pre-schools, playgroups, nursery schools, home-based care, hospitals, and social care. Professionals deliver Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) requirements, focusing on children’s development and care from birth to age five.

The main role is to engage with children daily, supporting activities, play, and educational programmes. Early Years Practitioners (EYPs) ensure children’s welfare under the supervision of an Early Years Educator, teacher, or other qualified professional.


Health & Safety: Legal requirements for health, safety, and security.

Risks & Hazards: Identifying risks and hazards.

Medical Protocols: Roles in medical/dental incidents.

Medication: Procedures for managing medications.


Recognize Abuse: Identify and follow procedures for children at risk.

Promote Health: Encourage healthy eating and physical activity.

Active Parental Role: Encourage parental involvement in care and development.


Care & Compassion: Provide high-quality childcare and identify development opportunities.

Positive Work Ethic: Maintain professional standards and be a positive role model.

Team Focus: Work effectively with colleagues and professionals.


You will gain more skills knowledge and behaviour (KSB) these are the basic insights for you to understand this Early Years Practitioners level 2


This Early Years Practitioner Level 2 Course is suitable for learners or apprentices who wish to work or are working in a variety of different settings within child care. We require learners to be at least 16 years old. To take advantage of this opportunity you must be in work, training, or on a practical placement, this is needed to show your competence in the skills and knowledge you learn from the course. As part of the apprenticeship, we will try to find you a suitable company if you are not currently in work. 

English and maths form a mandatory part of all apprenticeships and must be completed before an apprentice can pass through the gateway. Here is detailed information about apprenticeship funding rules.

All units will be assessed internally by your Tutor or Assessor through a portfolio of evidence. This portfolio will cover three main areas: Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviour. These core components define what an apprentice needs to learn and demonstrate to complete their training and become competent in their role.

The Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviour (KSB) framework ensures apprentices gain a comprehensive foundation of knowledge, develop essential skills, and adopt professional behaviours. Consequently, this holistic approach equips them to meet the demands of their specific roles and contribute effectively to their industries.

With this method, apprentices are not only trained in theoretical aspects but also in practical skills and professional conduct, providing a well-rounded education essential for their careers.

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Future Prospects And Career Opportunities 

After completing your Early Years Practitioners Level 2 Course and achieving you have a variety of options for your next steps. 

– Progression onto Level 3 apprenticeships

– Progression into specialised care courses

– Oppurtunity to work for Concept Care Solutions

– You can achieve roles such as: Assistant childminder, Early years practitioner, Nanny and early years worker, Nursery assistant, Nursery nurse, Nursery practitioner

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