SIA Close Protection Training


The SIA Close Protection Training Course is for anyone who wants to work legally as a Close Protection Officer (CPO), commonly called Bodyguard.

Getting a Close Protection Officer SIA Licence can be a rewarding career choice for confident newcomers, experienced security professionals, and former armed forces and police personnel. 

The Close Protection Training course runs over 16-19-days and covers the knowledge, skills and practicals to help you prepare for the exam. 

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Course Details




Close Portection Officer Licence

Course Duration

19 Days

What will I Learn On The Course?

To allow ample time to teach the broad range of advanced skills required by bodyguard work, the Close Protection Course runs over 19 days and consists of 3 units:

Unit 1: Working in the Private Security Industry

Unit 2: Working as a Close Protection Operative

Unit 3: Conflict Management

Courses are packed with theoretical and practical activities to keep you engaged. The training is intense, and some exercises will finish late. Candidates should be prepared for a demanding period of instruction. The course covers the following:

Law and Legislation,   Roles and Responsibilities of a CPO,   Threat and Risk Assessment,   Incident Management, 

Venue Security operations,   Reconnaissance (Theory and Practical),   CPO Protocol and Etiquette, 

Operational Planning,   Route Selection,   Foot Formations,   Vehicle Tactics,   Embus / Debus, 

Search Procedures (personal, Vehicle and premises),   Surveillance (Live scenarios in central London)

Our training providers intentionally make the course fast-paced to fully prepare you for the reality of life as a Close Protection Operative. It’s rapid, intensive on the mind and body, and always full of surprises.

Even so, there’ll be exams you need to complete, but don’t let that put you off. The Close Protection training course covers everything you need to know, and your expert instructor will fully prepare you for success.

Getting a CPO Licence is a serious commitment of time and money, and it’s usually only for security professionals committed to long-term career growth in this industry.

Once qualified, Close Protection Officers can make anywhere between £200 to £400 per day, depending on your assignment, experience, the risk factor of the role and how you negotiate with your employer.

To apply for this licence, you will also need a First Aid at Work Qualification.

SIA CCTV Training
Future Prospects And Career Opportunities 

After completing your course and achieving your SPO License you have a variety of options for your next steps. 

– Progression into specialised roles

-Achieving your SIA Security License 

– You can achieve roles such as: Bodyguarding for VIPs and celebrities, Protection for high-net-worth individuals, Private international assignments, Asset protection for high-end retailers, Residential security


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